Being an historian at large

Historian? What? Where?

The historica vulgaris, although not very well-known, is in fact a common species. It spends much of its life in the undergrowth of forests as well as on snowy mountainsides, being adapted to the extremest of conditions and yet too rarely showing off its song in the environs of human habitation. But do not be fooled too easily: it is there, in the wild, peeking at what we humans do and what we don’t. Centuries of evolution have made it excellently capable of locating, anywhere in the world, the one dish it feeds on: the so-called geschiedgewas. No adequate translation of this plant’s name exists in English, but it conveys both the ancient origins of the plant and its bright future, secured by its profuse, some might say uncontrollable growth. Both geschiedgewas and historica vulgaris may therefore be expected to thrive beyond climate change and budget cuts.

And who may APHG be?

APHG is one of those historians at large. She does research in archives, writes articles for scholarly journals and teaches – but she also runs around in the real world. You will find few footnotes, methodological underpinnings or theoretical frameworks on this blog . Only her naked ideas and impressions – that do change once every while, and that never reflect the opinion of her employers or sponsors. A last note: APHG does her best not to infringe on anyone’s copyright (please contact her if you note any omissions) and to acknowledge the people whose ideas she uses. Please do the same if you are inspired by anything you see or read here.

Whom are these columns for?

Are you an historian yourself? No? Good, these columns are for you. Oh, you are an historian after all? Oh well, go ahead.


(With thanks to David Attenborough)

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